The 3 E’s – ExperienceExpertise and Excellence …

Three fundamental foundations we operate our business on, foundations that help to ensure that you get an excellent end result. But when we talk about Experience, Expertise and Excellence in relation to the building industry, what do we mean?


Experience is defined as the “skill or knowledge that you get by doing something”. The emphasis is that you actually need to get out and use the skill or knowledge you have, to apply it in a practical way. Because a skill or knowledge, whilst valuable in itself, has greater value when applied.

And all our builders are doing just that … applying their skills and knowledge every day. And as a result of that their experience also improves every day, as they do something for the first time, or for the second time … or for the hundredth time.

Steven Wright once said “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.” and then you get to use it over and over again. And I suppose the point we’re really trying to make is that our builders are not just qualified and certified New Zealand Government Approved Licensed Building Practitioners, they all have practical experience in actually doing building work, in pulling houses apart and putting them back together, in renovating, in adding on extensions (roof, ground level and basement) … in building new homes.


Expertise is defined as having “expert skill or knowledge in a particular field” and it fundamentally means that you are better than the average, that you are “expert“ in your field. We like to have builders on our team who know what they are doing, who don’t need to stand around talking, trying to figure things out.

Not only do they have the skills and knowledge that enables them to demonstrate a high level of experience, they have a high level of expertise as well which they apply every day.

When you want something done right first time, when you want to know that there won’t be a problem, when you want to be sure that the rules are followed … then you call in an expert, someone who has expertise in a particular field.

And as it says on our logo, our letterhead, our invoices, our business cards … Smartway Builders is about bringing EXPERTISE ON EVERY LEVEL to your building project. It’s simply what we do, who we are, how we operate.


Excellence is defined as “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good”. We prefer the concept of outstanding rather than extremely good and it’s what we aspire to. Our goal is to raise the bar in an industry somewhat lacking in excellence, and we strive for that on every project.

Excellence means greatness — the very best, but achieving excellence is never easy to do. It’s a quality that people really do appreciate however, because it’s so hard to find. And Smartway Builders has that quality of Excellence.

When someone with Expertise applies the Experience he or she has in relation to the particular skills and knowledge … the end result is Excellence, Excellence from a Technical point of view, Excellence from a Quality point of view, Excellence from a Client Relationship and Communication point of view.

And it all helps us deliver the Quality we promise, On Time and On Budget … in a way we hope you will appreciate.

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