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You’re About To Invest A LOT Of Money In Your New Home!

$500,000 ? $650,000 ?  $800,000 ?  $1,000,000 ? Maybe More… ?

Are You Ready To Say “GO”, To Jump In “Boots And All”?

Maybe though, before you make this huge financial commitment, you’re concerned about what could go wrong? Maybe you’re worried about the entire build process from start to finish, or maybe you just have some nagging doubts?

If you’re anything like us, the investment in your new home is probably the most important and biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make in your life. And we understand that.

At Smartway we understand the real significance that making a huge commitment like this entails. We understand that there’s an amount of stress that comes along with undertaking a new build. And we’d like to help make it easier for you.

Managing new builds on a regular basis has given us and the Smartway team the confidence to guarantee you a reduced-stress build. We’re ready to help you answer any questions or deal with any doubts or concerns you may have. Honestly, we “Just Get It” and working to give you peace of mind is what we do best here at Smartway Builders.

Smartway Builders are one of New Zealand’s most trusted building companies in the industry, with strong values that resonate all the way through to the quality of the work we provide. 

Are You Keen To Get Your New Build Underway Really Soon, But You’re Not Sure Where To Start?”

7 Important Questions We’ve Got Answers To:

  • You’re keen to get your new home build underway, but where do you start?
  • You want your building project to stay within budget, but how do you ensure that’s what happens?
  • You’re worried about building projects running over time, so how do you keep it under control?
  • You’re losing sleep, lying awake thinking about all the things that could go wrong. How do you get the right result?
  • How do you choose the right builder, and an architect or designer, people who are experienced, trustworthy and great to work with?
  • Do you know what the 24 things are that can affect the cost of building your new home?
  • How do you ensure that you’ll get high quality work, with no shortcuts and no problems “hidden” behind the walls?”

Most building companies will tell you that they have years of experience and deliver quality work. Fair enough, but for Smartway Builders those statements are not only true but we go beyond that, we go the extra mile. We provide you with a fabulous guarantee, and a Lead Builder to focus on your new build, so you won’t have to worry about going over time-frames or your budget. Not only that, but our highly qualified professional team of builders and other subbies ensure everything is managed to the highest standards and deliver nothing but quality workmanship.

Having high ethics, beliefs and standards is how we work, and it helps us meet the quality levels we provide to you … and that is also why we only work with qualified architects, engineers, surveyors, town planners and other sub-contractors.

The first big step in your build process is to put your vision of your dream home onto paper, so we only work with the architects who we trust to listen to you, to work together with you on ideas, and to communicate with you. We don’t work with architects who believe “their way is the only way”, because after all it is your new home, not theirs. And, if you already have existing plans drawn up from your own architect no problem! Smartway Builders are experienced and can professionally maintain a great working relationship with your architect in achieving a successful new home build.

We also take the agreed time-frames and budgets very seriously. We use a project management system to keep everything under control, and give you regular updates … helping you gain clarity over your build, which in turn will make the entire process less stressful and so much more easier for you.

Maintaining great communication is our number 1 priority while working with you, and we host regular progress meetings with you on-site or by phone or Skype to discuss any necessary matter relating to your build, as well as talking about the effects and impacts of any changes … making sure you have ample time to make decisions.

For more information on how to achieve a successful new home build the Smart Way, check out the “9 Steps To Building Success” below. This will help you gain a better understanding in relation to how we work with you and how we involve you fully with your build.

So … Who Are Smartway Builders?

Directors – Ann & Howard Woolston

Smartway Builders are a residential building company based in Tawa, Wellington … formed through a passion and desire for raising the quality and standards in the building industry, and with an ongoing desire for the completion of quality building and renovation projects … and the creation of updated family homes that our clients will be proud to call their own.
Smartway Builders are top-quality builders, fuelled each day by an experienced and qualified team who work with you from the very first step, during the giant leap of faith into the project, and all the way until you land back on the doorstep of your new dream home. We believe in old fashioned values like respect and honesty, communication and trust … and simply want to do a great job, that we’ll all be proud of.

Some Of What We Guarantee You…

Quality Control

We’ve developed our own 719-point Quality Control System to ensure the quality of your new home always remains our primary focus.

Accurate Costing

We use some of the most Accurate Costing Systems in the marketplace to work out the cost of your project.

Project Planning

We’ve got great skills in Project Planning and Organisation … and systems and processes we’ve put in place from our past experience on multiple sites.

Our Company Mission

Ann & Howard Woolston - Directors
Ann & Howard Woolston – Directors

“Quality Residential Building Services That New Zealand Property Owners Can Always Depend On”

Our goal is to give all New Zealand residential property owners access to quality, affordable advice, products and building services, provided by qualified, knowledgeable and experienced tradespeople and professionals who they can trust, depend on and be totally comfortable with; tradespeople and professionals who follow the rules and are committed to old fashioned values such as honesty, integrity, fairness, dependability, cleanliness, promptness and common courtesy, and who care about the results they produce and delivering what they promise.

Our primary goal is to have a viable and beneficial presence in every major town and city in New Zealand by 31 December 2025 so that we can provide quality and affordable solutions to at least 75% of New Zealand property owners.

Get in touch TODAY to book in your consultation with Ann Woolston & Howard Woolston – Directors of Smartway Builders … By getting in touch with us at the start of your build reduces the risk of anything going WRONG. There is a lot to consider so why not put your feet up and relax, while the professional’s at Smartway Builders take over your project.

    Take Advantage of The Wealth Of Knowledge in Our Free E-Book About Avoiding Expensive Mistakes When Building a New Home. Request Your Copy Now And You Could Save Yourself Thousands Of Dollars On Your New Home Build.

    Request Your FREE Copy Now!

    Download our FREE E-Book!


    STEP 1 : Getting The Ball Rolling

    The first step, to start the ball rolling, will be a phone discussion, to acquaint ourselves, to have a discussion around your wants and needs regarding your building project, and to make sure we can offer the service you require.

    We understand that your time is valuable, so if we’re not available to take your call we will phone you back as soon as possible. In that first call we will gather some information, including your email address, and then send through an email questionnaire for you to complete containing questions that help get us on the same page with the vision you have for your Dream New Build, Home Renovation, Remodel or Extension. It also gives us a background on your project ideas. This ensures our first face-to-face meeting runs smoothly, efficiently and covers everything.

    STEP 2 : Our Face-To-Face Meeting

    Once we get your email questionnaire back we will organise a time for Ann and Howard to meet with you at your home, to further discuss your project and go through the completed questionnaire in more detail. We will ask further questions about any of your specific needs and requirements for the project. At this time we look more extensively at the overall project brief and the scope of work required. We want to learn more about your vision and dreams, so we talk about what’s important to you and your family and what you’re trying to achieve.

    You’re more than welcome to have with you any ideas, house plans and other available information that you would like to discuss. If you don’t have any concept plans, don’t worry, we are happy to organise this for you in conjunction with one of the amazing architects that we work closely with.

    At this initial meeting we will also leave you with our Renovation and Extension Information Kit, where you will find more information about Smartway Builders, plus some other items that you may find will give you good ideas, and help you to make decisions.

    STEP 3: Sorting Out Your Design and Direction:

    If you already have concept plans and / or building consent then this step may not be necessary.

    If plans are needed then after the initial site meeting we will have a better understanding of your requirements and visions, so at this stage we will enter into an Initial Design and Drawings Contract with the expected costs and timings outlined for you.

    Once you have signed the initial documents, we are able to meet with the recommended architect to discuss your requirements and ideas. In conjunction with you, the chosen architect will be engaged and will then design an initial concept plan based on your requirements. This enables a better visualisation of what your dream new home, renovation or extension will look like based on your ideas so far.

    We always work with you and the architect, whether it be our recommended architect or an architect of your own choosing, throughout the design and consent process so all of us; you, the architect and us as your builder, share a mutual understanding of the project.

    The initial concept plans created will contain a site plan and set of elevations, along with current and proposed floor plans. The plans often get revised 2-3 times until you are happy with the proposed layout of your home. Remember, your design will evolve over a period of time during which you, the Smartway Builders team and the architect will discuss, digest, think and rework ideas until the best solution is arrived at.

    STEP 4: How Much Will It Cost?

    If you’re like most people, you’ll want to know as soon as possible that the design you’ve decided on will be within your budget. Unlike most builders, we believe it is wrong to leave cost indications until the consent has been received, as a significant sum of money could have been spent by then on designs,drawings and consent fees … only to find out that the overall cost of the project is outside of your budget.

    So, we take the concept plans that have been prepared and agreed by us all, and put an Estimated Ballpark Cost on the work, giving you a better idea of where your investment level will probably sit for your project.

    And if the estimated numbers don’t fit your budget, then we can look at ways to adjust the concept plans … so they do fit together. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making things a little larger or smaller, adding or deleting rooms or using different alternative constructions methods. The whole point is to have a good idea of what things will cost, before too much money is spent.

    STEP 5: Detailed Drawings and Council Consent

    Once you have given the final concept plans your approval, the architect will move into getting your working drawings processed. This involves initiating communication with the council and liaising (if needed) with engineers, surveyors etc., in order to get your project through the door as efficiently as possible.

    Once completed (and signed off by you and us), the architect will lodge the plans, detailed construction drawings, specifications etc. with your local Council and we can then get started on your Lump Sum/Fixed Price Quotation, as we now have all the detail surrounding the project. Sometimes there are extra questions or requirements from the council, but we handle all this for you.

    Once consent has been lodged with council it will take between 4-6 weeks for consent to be issued, depending on the complexity. If a resource consent application is also needed then our architects will also handle this for you, although you may need contact with your neighbours, to get their feedback.

    STEP 6 : Fixed Price Quotation

    Now your plans are in council it’s time to put together your detailed Lump Sum/Fixed Price Quote and Building Contract. The quote outlines what your actual investment is going to be, and we make sure we have agreed that prior to your project commencing.

    Everything that is included in the price is specified, along with anything that is excluded, so you know exactly what you are getting. There will be some variable items where we can’t determine exact cost now (if you haven’t chosen your shower or kitchen or which tiles you want for example), but once again these are clearly specified.

    Of course if your new home, renovation, remodel or extension has any unexpected or unplanned variations that occur and may impact your budget, or you make a change in your requirements, we will promptly update any of the quotes and timelines where necessary so you can make any necessary decisions. We work hard on avoiding surprising “extra charges” suddenly appearing at the end of project.

    STEP 7 : Signing On The Dotted Line:

    Now that you are happy with the detailed design, all your requirements have been met, and we have the detailed Lump Sum/Fixed Price Quote, we go through your paperwork to ensure everything is taken care of including the signing of the contract for the building work.

    Our contract is a standard one based on industry norms, so there shouldn’t be any surprises. It is easy to understand English, not legal mumbojumbo, and we are happy to explain anything you’re not sure about. And we’ll sort out when payments are due at the various stages through the project. Generally speaking, payments are due at a defined and visible stage, that also tie in with council inspections, engineering sign off etc.

    We will then agree on our likely start date and prepare for construction to commence on creating your dream new home, renovation or extension.

    STEP 8 : The Smartway Building Team Starts The Build!

    Once the stamped Building Consent documents are received from your local council we can start to build your dream new home, renovation, remodel or extension, based on our agreed starting date.

    Communication is key throughout the building process. A lead builder will be assigned to your project and we will be responsible and manage the project delivery through our cloud based tool called BuilderTrend. This assists with organising contractors, materials and council inspections. It is important for us at Smartway Builders to be open and flexible with our clients, so even though the onsite team will be your initial point of contact, Ann and Howard are also available if needed.

    If you want any changes or variations along the way, we will promptly update corresponding budgets, costs, and timelines. We keep you fully informed and work hard to minimise any unexpected and unforeseen costs during your construction process.

    STEP 9 : Your Dream Home Renovation or Extension is Completed:

    You have made the final payment, the construction is complete, the relevant areas of the house are thoroughly cleaned, and the “keys” are handed over … so now it’s time for you to take over your new renovated, remodelled or extended home. Although the new build, renovation, remodel or extension is now completed we will keep in touch and call you further down the track to see if there are any minor issues that we can fix to ensure your dream home is still your dream home.

    There are also a few final hurdles to clear once your renovation, remodel or extension is complete. We will have spoken to you throughout the process about what happens after passing your final council inspection, including applying for a Code Compliance Certificate. We make it our responsibility, during the final Code Compliance Certificate inspection, that all documentation required by your local building authority is presented to the building inspector … so you don’t have to worry about this.

    We have Licensed Building Practitioners with Over 150 Years Experience in New Builds & Renovations

    Smartway Builders Ltd can assist you with all aspects of the building process including project management and dealing with the council.


    Working The Smart Way…

    In this day and age, finding great tradespeople can be a daunting task. However, your search is over because we are not just your run-of-the-mill building company. We are different, in many ways.

    We Run A Successful Building Business

    Our business is set up to “perform like a business”, with responsibilities, accountabilities, systems and controls. It came about through necessity and a desire to raise the bar in the building industry, to give a fantastic customer experience … and so everything we do is designed to deliver a better result for our clients.
    Our Beliefs, Values And The Quality Of Our Work

    The simple fact is that we don’t like to let our clients down …So, if you’d like to form a longer-term relationship with a quality building company who really cares, and who believes in working with you to achieve what you want, then let’s start doing just that. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.
    We Take The Time To Listen To Our Clients

    There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth! Because listening and understanding is incredibly important in the building industry … so that we can deliver exactly what you want, and minimise issues, concerns and problems.
    We listen to what you have to say.
    We Aim To Do It Once – And Do It Right

    We don’t take shortcuts and we don’t do cover-ups. We follow the New Zealand Building Standards and good practice guidelines, even if your work doesn’t need a Council consent. Our experienced and appropriately qualified people take pride in getting it right first time. In addition, the entire team engage in on-going training and education to make sure they keep up with the latest developments in good building practices, safety issues etc.
    We’re Much More Than A One-Man-Band

    Our talented growing team of builders currently stands at nine, and it’s expanding further. We have a mixture of trade qualified and New Zealand Government Approved Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) with varying levels of experience. They ALL know what they are doing, and how to deliver what you need, when you want it … in a tidy and friendly manner. They’re great people to have in your home, great people to talk with about the way forward and great people at delivering. And we’re proud to have them on our team.
    Our Clients Benefit From Our “No-Surprises” Policy

    If, whilst carrying out your work, we find anything material that we hadn’t anticipated as part of our initial assessment, we will endeavour to inform you of the implications of this prior to proceeding further. We understand that unknown items can impact the cost and/or time, and we believe that wherever possible you should agree to any changes before they are actioned … so we have a full Variation Capture Process, designed to make it simpler for us all.
    Hand Us The Building Process Burden

    Our team also includes architects, draftsmen, council consent specialists, structural engineers, fire engineers, plumbers, drain-layers, electricians, plasterers, painters, tilers, roofers, earthmovers, foundation specialists, designers, colour consultants, and floor and window cover people to name just a few. We can make your total project happen from start to finish with the least amount of stress to you.
    All Our People Are Great People

    We carefully select our builders and subcontractors for superb workmanship and shared values of honesty and integrity. Our people strive to achieve an affordable project price and work hard to exceed client expectations.
    We’re A “Safe Pair Of Hands”

    One of our clients told us that they continued to use us for all their work, because we were a “safe pair of hands” and they felt really comfortable using us. We hope that you will too.

    We pay attention, don’t take shortcuts and don’t cover anything up. We treat you and your home well and take pride in what we do.

    External view of a contemporary house with pool at dusk

    3D rendering of Impressive villa with pool at the end of the day

    Client Reviews

    Loved our renovation, have referred them onto others

    Grant and Jenny Stove, Newlands
    "We would recommend Howard and Ann and their team at SmartWay Builders to anyone considering a building renovation (and have already done so!). We found them to be professional, thorough and easy to deal with throughout our renovation and are thrilled with the transformation to our living space which ticks all our boxes."

    Thorough and highly skilled

    Kathleen Murrow, Woodridge
    "We are more than satisfied with the service provided by them. Howard knows his stuff, thinks beyond the basics, and understands what customer service is all about. For example, when putting in an access panel to the ceiling space, he thought to put a keyed lock on the door so the children couldn't get in. Great communication about arrival times etc., and arrived when he said (if held up, a call/text was sent to update me). Pricing was always clear, with a no-surprises policy. Howard project managed other tradesmen for a variety of jobs onsite. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Howard and his company to anyone. Unless I need a job done - in which case, you can't have him!"

    8 Reasons You Can Trust Smartway

    1. Experts and Specialists

    Our extensive experience in building means we have seen and experienced many of the most common issues and problems that can arise with new builds, or with renovation, remodel and extension projects. When you want something done right first time, you call in an expert.

    2. Qualified and Licensed

    Smartway Builders has a great team of builders that all support and follow our vision and values. We have qualified and Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) and this ensures you can trust that every builder in our team will create a quality result for your project.

    3. A Workmanship Guarantee

    At Smartway Builders you’re our number 1 priority so we have created an extensive 21-point Guarantee that covers lots of things our clients tell us are important. Our comprehensive guarantee shows you that when working with Smartway Builders you are always guaranteed the very best.

    4. Quality Project Management

    We have systems and processes in place to ensure that the job will be completed for you correctly. To ensure smooth running of the project there are regular site meetings with the primary builder and you to go over the previous weeks work and what’s coming up.

    5. Experience and Expertise

    Smartway Builders has a team of qualified and Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) … builders that have excellent skills and experience in the building industry. As Steven Wright once said “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it”, and we’ve got lots.

    6. Safety First For Your Family

    Smartway Builders are avid supporters of the new Health and Safety regulations and have systems and processes specifically designed around meeting the requirements of the Legislation and WorkSafe NZ. We take our responsibilities seriously and work hard to keep you safe.

    7. We Give Back to the Community

    We support the local communities we work in. We do what we can, when we can. We’ve helped out sick people with renovations, supported community garden projects and provided funding and labour for other projects. We think it’s important to give back to our community.

    8. Satisfied Clients Keep Coming Back

    We are proud of being the builders who are raising the bar in the industry, delivering what our clients need. And as a result of that, our clients provide us with a constant stream of repeat business and refer us onto others. As someone said, “What goes around, comes around”.

    Download our FREE E-Book!

    Take Advantage of The Wealth Of Knowledge in Our Free E-Book About Avoiding Expensive Renovation Mistakes. Request Your Copy Now And You Could Save Yourself Thousands Of Dollars On Your Renovation.

    Request Your FREE Copy Now!