Plans for a new house build

As New Zealand’s housing market continues to heat up, more people than ever are turning to building their own home as an alternative to buying a house. While this is a very appealing option to avoid the stress of endless auctions and potentially save some cash, there’s nothing worse than planning your dream house and finding it doesn’t comply with building regulations.

In this blog post, we’ll let you know what the average cost of building a house in New Zealand is, what you need to know about New Zealand’s building regulations, and how the team at Smartway Builders can help prevent any housing headaches.

What is the average cost of building a house in New Zealand?

In 2017, the average cost of building a home in New Zealand sat at NZ$346,000, however for many popular areas such as central Auckland and the Queenstown-Lakes district, this cost was in excess of $400,000. When you consider that some houses in those areas are fetching well into the millions, buying a section and building a new house could be cheaper.

In Wellington, the average new home costs $607,923 more than an empty section, while the average price to build (per square meter) is $3,047. If you’re looking at building a three-bedroom house at a standard size of 165 square meters, this means that you could be able to save money by building your own house in the Wellington region, and using licensed builders you can trust will help ensure your new house is built on schedule and within your desired budget – just two of the benefits you’ll experience when choosing to work with the Smartway team.

How will NZ’s building code affect your house build?

Generally, New Zealand’s building code is very thorough and places high expectations on builders – building sites are also subject to many inspections throughout the building process from councils and other authorities. Qualified building companies like ours will all be aware of the building code and will follow it to the letter throughout the construction of your home – our team pride themselves on making sure every single house we build is built to code.

Building your home to code with Smartway Builders

Smartway Builders are dedicated to following the New Zealand building code, and will always take into account the following factors – as well as others.

  1. Your home will be built to strict structured standards depending on location, design etc.
  2. We’ll ensure that your home meets the building code’s insulation requirements, for your walls, roof, floor, and windows.
  3. All houses should minimise the chance of any moisture entering or gathering in the home.
  4. Any decks or pools will be protected with the necessary barriers to make sure children and others are kept safe.
  5. We make sure your house has a good amount of natural light.

Smartway Builders can help you to build your brand new dream home, potentially at a cheaper price than buying an existing house, and to a high standard that completely meets the building code or we can help you complete a full home renovation. Get in contact with us today to take the first step toward the house of your future!

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