8 Reasons You Can Trust Smartway    

1. Experts and Specialists

Our extensive experience in building means we have seen and experienced many of the most common issues and problems that can arise with new builds, or with renovation, remodel and extension projects. When you want something done right first time, you call in an expert.

2. Qualified and Licensed

Smartway Builders has a great team of builders that all support and follow our vision and values. We have qualified and Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) and this ensures you can trust that every builder in our team will create a quality result for your project.

3. A Workmanship Guarantee

At Smartway Builders you’re our number 1 priority so we have created an extensive 21-point Guarantee that covers lots of things our clients tell us are important. Our comprehensive guarantee shows you that when working with Smartway Builders you are always guaranteed the very best.

4. Quality Project Management

We have systems and processes in place to ensure that the job will be completed for you correctly. To ensure smooth running of the project there are regular site meetings with the primary builder and you to go over the previous weeks work and what’s coming up.

5. Experience and Expertise

Smartway Builders has a team of qualified and Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) … builders that have excellent skills and experience in the building industry. As Steven Wright once said “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it”, and we’ve got lots.

6. Safety First For Your Family

Smartway Builders are avid supporters of the new Health and Safety regulations and have systems and processes specifically designed around meeting the requirements of the Legislation and WorkSafe NZ. We take our responsibilities seriously and work hard to keep you safe.

7. We Give Back to the Community

We support the local communities we work in. We do what we can, when we can. We’ve helped out sick people with renovations, supported community garden projects and provided funding and labour for other projects. We think it’s important to give back to our community.

8. Satisfied Clients Keep Coming Back

We are proud of being the builders who are raising the bar in the industry, delivering what our clients need. And as a result of that, our clients provide us with a constant stream of repeat business and refer us onto others. As someone said, “What goes around, comes around”.

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We are Licensed Building Practitioners with Over 150 Years Experience in New Builds & Renovations

Smartway Builders Ltd can assist you with all aspects of the building process including project management and dealing with the council.



We make sure we communicate with you at every stage of your new build, renovation or extension, briefing you at every milestone so that you know exactly what is going on.


We make sure we provide you with quality work. Our reputation has been built on this and meet our commitments to make sure we maintain our high standards at all times.


We stand by the concept of being honest with you, our suppliers and our subbies … so we maintain our image and reputation of being one of Wellington’s leading construction companies.


When we take on your project we make sure that we deliver on what we say. Our commitment to you will never be broken and our reputation and testimonials confirm that.

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